Working in the LDAP feature


Hi @xet7,

My company will sponsor the work on the LDAP feature, by allowing one team of devs from the company to work on the pull request during the next month.

Is there anything we should keep in mind during this work? Also, any guidelines we should follow regarding plugin configurability, testing, code style, etc.



I will post requirements etc to LDAP issue:

Come to Vanila Chat and start private message with me (xet7) to discuss more details:
When you have registered to chat, write text xet7 to search box at top right corner, and click xet7 to start private chat.



I have now added specs for LDAP feature here:



You can send me email to also, as alternative to Vanila Chat.



LDAP feature has now been added to Standalone Wekan Snap and Docker, and it works.