Wekan on a Windows Server


I’d like to get a Wekan site running / hosted on a windows server. I am unfamiliar with what it takes to get that done. Do I first have to follow the steps to Install from Source on Windows to basically get a dev environment up and running on a separate windows box, build and then deploy to the server (IIS web server) somehow? Are there any steps outlined to achieve this somewhere I haven’t yet found?



Install Docker for Windows from www.docker.com , and then install using Docker Compose

Read all of docker-compose.yml file for documentation.

Modify docker-compose.yml file to have ROOT_URL=https://yourdomain.com or other website address Wekan has on IIS. On IIS proxy to Docker port where Wekan Node.js is running. IIS website proxy config needs to have websockets support enabled.

For additional questions, please use GitHub issues at https://github.com/wekan/wekan/issues , because this forum is currently closed, and I get messages from this forum with a delay. Link to there is also at Wekan homepage https://wekan.github.io at top of page “FEATURE REQUESTS AND BUGS”.