Wekan/Docker on Synology access problem from the internet

Hello, helpful community!

Today, I installed Wekan on my Synology DS218+ with Docker. I managed to get it running using the local URL and local port “LPORT” => http://192.168.ABC.XYZ:LPORT/wekan

I also want it to be accessible from the internet, say at https://ROOT_URL:WPORT/wekan or simpler at https://ROOT_URL/wekan
The Synology can be reached via https://ROOT_URL:SSHPORT/
I set WPORT to be forwarded on my router.

Unfortunately, I cannot reach Wekan from the outside. What am I missing?
Your help is much appreciated.

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See ROOT_URL settings:

If you still have problems, please add new GitHub issue to https://github.com/wekan/wekan/issues

Dear xet7.

Thank you for your answer. I’m sorry, I don’t understand the description on the recommended page. I know how to change the ROOT_URL in Docker:

Stop mquandalle-wekan1
Edit container mquandalle-wekan1
in Environment I can set ROOT_URL and PORT

and I did this. When I change it from 192.168… to my internet address I cannot reach Wekan anymore.

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Does synology have some webserver that you already have accessible to internet?

Wekan GitHub wiki has info about Apache, Nginx etc proxy settings.

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