Wekan Docker on EC2 fails / throws Node Error


I’m able to run the mquandalle/wekan locally (OSX, using docker-machine version 0.7.0, build a650a40, Docker version 1.11.0, build 4dc5990 on host, but when I ssh into the docker-machine vm, it displays Docker version 1.11.2, build b9f10c9) both by starting the mongo container first and then linking the wekan container and using a docker-compose.yml (using docker-compose version 1.7.0, build 0d7bf73).

However, with the same operations in an Amazon EC2 using their Amazon Linux AMI (Docker version 1.11.2, build b9f10c9/1.11.2), the container immediately exits.

Similarly, I’m unable to successfully run the wekan container in a local virtualbox vm, running latest ubuntu/trusty64, bento/ubuntu-16.04 or bento/centos-7.2 boxes.

In the EC2 (and local, non docker-machine, vms):
$ docker logs wekan_container =>
=> Starting meteor app on port:80 Meteor requires Node v0.10.41 or later.

Thru docker-machine (invoking the commands from the OSX host):
$ docker logs wekan_container =>
=> Starting meteor app on port:80
> Starting board-background-color migration.
> Finishing board-background-color migration.
> Starting lowercase-board-permission migration.
> Finishing lowercase-board-permission migration.
> Starting change-attachments-type-for-non-images migration.
> Finishing change-attachments-type-for-non-images migration.
> Starting card-covers migration.
> Finishing card-covers migration.
> Starting use-css-class-for-boards-colors migration.
> Finishing use-css-class-for-boards-colors migration.
> Starting denormalize-star-number-per-board migration.
> Finishing denormalize-star-number-per-board migration.
> Starting add-member-isactive-field migration.
> Finishing add-member-isactive-field migration.

More (by which I mean, surely far too much useless) info:

  • $ docker-machine ssh -> $ uname -r => 4.4.12-boot2docker
  • $ ssh -i pemfile.pem ec2-user@a.b.c.d (into EC2 running Amazon Linux AMI) -> $ uname -r => 4.4.11-23.53.amzn1.x86_64
  • $ ssh -i pemfile.pem ec2-user@a.b.c.d (into EC2 running Amazon Ubuntu AMI) -> $ uname -r => 3.13.0-74-generic
  • $ vagrant ssh (into ubuntu/trusty box) > $ uname -r => 3.13.0-92-generic
  • $ vagrant ssh (into bento/ubuntu-16.04) > $ uname -r => 4.4.0-31-generic
  • $ vagrant ssh (into bento/centos-7.2) > $ uname -r => 4.4.0-31-generic

Could it be the kernel version?? That seems extremely unlikely, but the only vm it runs on is running the latest (at least, relatively) version of the linux kernel…


Does your EC2 instance and VirtualBox VM have enough RAM to run Wekan and Mongo?


is wekan supported on EC2 instances?



Docker version of original Wekan is old. Wefork has many bugfixes and new features.

You could install Wefork from source to EC2 running Ubuntu 16.04:

There is no Docker version of Wefork yet, there is already issue about it in Wefork GitHub.