Wekan community governance


It has been discussed that Wekan might have a community governance structure. There are many open questions remaining, such as:

  • What governance model can we follow? Are there good examples from other open-source projects?
  • How should we nominate the initial ‘community stewardship team’?
  • What would be the roles/responsibilities of the ‘community stewards’?
    • e.g. reviewing/merging pull requests, holding planning meetings, etc

Community governance models


Thank you Brylie for opening this discussion! So appreciate the 18 months of work @mquandalle put in to Wekan. Just for a bit of Humor - We Kan for me is We Can - We Can community seems happy to support you if you guide us. I may also put some financial support to you if that would be useful. Maybe even a crowd funding campaign for @mquandalle. I would also love to see it be a team effort since so many have already forked to simply share with them the precise requirements/standards for getting their forks merged. Feel free to call me if you want to discuss US +1 (424) 229-2363 or UK +44 (0) 7774411186. WIth deep gratitude for your work - and the very best of regards. David