Wekan behind a reverse proxy


Hello everyone,

I know this issue had already been resolved (thinking of this) but I am struggling with setting up a “base_url” in Wekan.

I installed today a new instance of Wekan on a new Docker machine.
The thing is that I use an Nginx reverse proxy in order to expose different services on different machines to one IP which doesn’t have a domain name (i.e. I cant use subdomains…)

I then use subdirectories in prder to proxy_pass my different access: “htp://my_proxy_address/wekan/” or “htp://my_proxy_address/kimai” for example, which then redirect to different IPs

the Nginx config is working for other applications, but Wekan seems to send every address as “/some_file” whereas Kimai for example sends “some_file” when calling any address, which turns out to break every call to Wekan (results as “htp://my_proxy_address/files_called” instead of “htp://my_proxy_address/wekan/files_called

The proxy config is exactly the same as Kimai, which makes me thinking of a “base_url” config mismatch somewhere in Wekan.
I know an issue was fixed last year on the ROOT_URL param into the docker-compose file but when I try to set anything like “htp://localhost:81/wekan” or “htp://my_proxy_address/wekan” I have an “unknown path” result.

ROOT_URL_PATH_PREFIX does not seem to work either.

Accessing from another machine aside from my Docker-Machine is fine…

Could anyone explain to me how does the base url works here, if it is the problem or if the problem is somewhere else?
Am I just missing the oliphant in the corridor?



You can look at this page how I did setup base_url:


Hi there,
I have the same problem, but I don’t understand the solution.
My server is rechable via “public server com” and on the machine I used snap to install Wekan.
Base-URL is “” and Port=“8100”.
Nginx has the configuration:
location /wekan/ {

But it won’t work. Also changing the Base-URL to “ht tp://public server com” or “ht tp://public server com/wekan/” did not help.

Sorry for the spaces, but the system didn’t allow me to post more than 2 links…