Upgrading snap versions


Hi. I have Wekan 0.60 via snap on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. My question is how to deal with subsequent version upgrades. Do I just snap install wekan on top of existing and everything works fine, or is there something else that’s needed?


HI, to install later versions. I did the following:

  1. Backup database: sudo wekan.database-backup
  2. Copy backup file: sudo cp /var/snap/wekan/common/db-backups/“filename”.backup /path/to/backup/
  3. uninstall wekan: sudo snap remove wekan
  4. install wekan: sudo snap install wekan
  5. set up wekan:
    5.1. sudo snap set wekan root-url="http://wekan.example.com"
    5.2. sudo snap set wekan port="80"
    5.3. sudo snap set wekan mail-url="smtp://wekan@example.com:pass@smtp.example.com:25"
    5.4. sudo snap set wekan mail-from=“wekanwekan@example.com
  6. back database again: sudo wekan.database-backup
  7. copy previous backup: sudo cp /path/to/backup/“filename”.backup /var/snap/wekan/common/db-backups/
  8. go to the folder: cd /var/snap/wekan/common/db-backups/
  9. restore backup: sudo wekan.database-restore “filename”.backup
  10. restart services:
    10.1 sudo systemctl restart snap.wekan.mongodb
    10.2 sudo systemctl restart snap.wekan.wekan

best regards
Carlos Aravena


I tried this process but I seem to have received the same version 0.60 after I ran “sudo snap install wekan”. Is there something I need to do to get the update in snap, or does it just not exist yet?



Newer snap does not exist yet.


I’m revisiting this as I’ve noted my Wekan installation seems to have automatically updated itself without me having to do anything! Version number now reported as 0.75. I don’t understand snap much yet but is this expected? I also seem to lose my SMTP server variables daily being replaced with mailserver.examples.com and I have to log in and just click ‘save’ and the SMTP settings that show are then applied.


Yes snap upgrades automatically, it’s the main benefit of using snaps, for servers, IoT etc.

Yes it looses root-url settings etc, I’m waiting for bugfix https://github.com/wekan/wekan-snap/issues/29