Tiered/child boards #207


(Moved from github for discussion - https://github.com/wekan/wekan/issues/207#issuecomment-115621600 )


viva libreboard!

I’d like to suggest the ability to support tiered/child/hierarchical/multi-level boards.

This would allow you to place a card on a board which relates to another lower level or external board.

On click/drill down, the full details of the underlying board is displayed, in-line, in a new tab or in summary.

This will facilitate high-level/birds-eye/management type views of complex boards/projects.

e.g. on highest level board, add a new card. Select new option to
generate child board. New child board link generated. Click that, add
detail. Child detail help build summaries to populate higher board info.

Logical progression from this would be for child boards to have a status

  • which bubbles up to the higher level to show overall status for a
    given card/child board.

This will help on larger projects - I currently use a link to the child
board in the description - would be best to incorporate something like
this in code.

Happy to help if i can



Hi @hsduk,

I am also currently trying to prototype a similar idea. I think it needs to be refine until we get the perfect implementation. I think what people like about Trello (and Wekan) is it is not a feature freak app. I have opened a topic about an idea which includes yours.


Hi, fyi: I implemented some of this in PR https://github.com/wekan/wekan/pull/367