There is no route for path: /

After deploying latest wekan snap (0.73.0) on a fresh install of ubuntu 16.04, I created one user and on a new board created a long list of cards. When selecting a card the card window comes at the very top of the page instead of showing next to the card itself as usual.

In Chrome console I get: ‘There is no route for path: /’ in boards page and when on a board i get ‘There is no route for the path: /b/rppAXm6iwLzYNqXAo/welcome-board’.

I suspect this could have something to do with URL routing, but that’s as far as my knowledge goes.

Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions please?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

reposted on github:

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I’m having the same problem with card links. Everytime I try to use one link to any card I get an error like that “There is no route for the path: /b/4hAkFK3ncv4kAd8Fg/support/2smKKoZfeQQEanFGs”. I checked the link with the card URL when selected and it is exactly the same. It fails even if I try to copy/paste the URL of one selected card and try to open in in another browser tab.
I’m currently using Wekan 0.83 on Ubuntu 16.04, but it must be an update that broke this because it worked until recently.
Any help will be much appreciated.

To get card opened, you need to configure ROOT_URL: