Suggestions - Wekan as a ticketing system



Wekan has a great potential to overthrown the current ticketing system at our company (even tough it hasn’t been explicitly designed for that)

but it can’t to so without a few extra features, so i will leave them as suggestions for future development

Apologies if some of the features already exist, I didn’t found them on my tests

  1. Multiple boards with visibility options
    This enables multiple teams from different departments to use the application and control wherever they are allowed to see each other boards

  2. Email to card/task
    This would be something like this: configure one “master” email to fetch emails and configure aliases to this email, so for example every email send to (an alias of would go to boardhere on the first column as a new item/task

  3. Scheduled or recurring cards/tasks
    Possibility to schedule the opening of a card/task and daily/weekly/monthly scheduling for tasks that must be done everyday but can’t be quite automated yet

  4. LDAP integration
    This is not critical, would just make things easier

I understand that many of those suggestions might not be feasible, but at least they serve as food for thought