SSO - Passing variables through URL


Is there a way in which I can pass user variable via the URL?

Does WeKan support any kind of SAML SSO software like OpenAM?

Thanks in advance for your comments.

#2 platform has Wekan and SAML support.

Source and Docker install of Wekan does not have SAML support yet.


Thanks for your quick response!!,

I am not familiar with sandstorm but I see a frame around Wekan and other apps and I don’t want it to be shown is there a way to achieve this?


AFAIK in Sandstorm frame can not be disabled.

You can code, or find some programmer help to implement SAML in Wekan:

Sometime it will be possible to have total custom look of Wekan with Themes:


In Sandstorm left sidebar can be hidden with < button, and Sandstorm already supports SAML. Also both Sandstorm and Wekan is fully FLOSS. I don’t know how big issue it is to you, that Wekan is there in frame.


You can also customize Sandstorm look with your logo, title etc:


Here is how you configure SAML in Sandstorm:


Thanks very much this was really useful. I think Im going to try with sandstorm. I really appreciate your help.