SMTP configuration, Exchange, Log files missing


i’am trying to configure Wekan, self-hosted, created from VirtualBox image, version 0.47.0 for E-Mails (smtp) - corpo Exchange.
My server ip address is correct. I’ve done such configurations many times before without any issues. I understand all E-Mail settings exist only in the admin panel now?
No E-mails are send when i try to send registration invitations (as well are no notifications are send). What’s worse, there is no wekan.log (or Wekan.log) file on the server. I’ve searched it on the whole server, there is no such file. How could i debug these problems or test it somehow better?


Problem resolved, i’ve followed the suggestion from other post - i’ve installed DavMail Gateway and set it up for SMTP communication with Exchange. It works now.
However, it seems, that the configuration of MAIL_URL variable is required, what’s a little confusing, while the same configuration exists in the admin panel.


Yes, email settings are required in both MAIL_URL and Admin Panel.