(Rocket.)Chat integration


Given that Kanban boards are often used for project management, especially in Agile/Scrum frameworks, an idea that frequently emerge is to integrate a chat feature directly in the Kanban software, so that conversations related to this particular project could be kept in one place.

I’ve seen some implementations of this idea in tools like Stackfield or OnHive (and there are a few others). These services offer fined-grained chat integration with the kanban, for instance it’s possible to discuss on a particular card, or for the whole board, or to reference cards with an #id. If we want to go on this direction, I’m interested to work with Rocket.chat which is a great Slack alternative made with Meteor (as is Wekan), and with an amazing team behind it.

On the other hand, we could prefer to follow the Unix philosophy, ie doing one thing and do it well. Users will then be free to “compose” multiple applications (a chat, a kanban, a wiki, a bug tracker, a git explorer, etc.) depending on the project needs. On platforms like Sandstorm it might even be possible to group all these applications into a single “grain” that could be shared as a single unit (but then how do we manage that on other platforms?).

Would you want to see chat integration with Wekan?


I’m not super familiar with Wekan yet. Actually just recently heard about it over at Rocket.Chat. But i’ve used other Kanban style solutions like trello before.

To me i’d love to see a couple levels of integration:

  • Webhooks - Pretty much typical. Select the events you want notified about and each time they happen it hits a webhook you specify. Then on our end it’d be a matter of just writing a bit to understand the payload and display it.
  • I’d like to be able to see and interact with tasks right from chat. My thought is maybe a panel that you can have on the right side that would pull in cards? Being able to see and discuss would be huge. I looked at how OnHive did it, but didn’t like how it took you away from chat.


That would be amazing!

Right now I tend to use a combination of Slack and Trello for most projects I work on. But I would much prefer to use open source alternatives.

Rocket.Chat and Mattermost are very promising. I have a strong preference for projects that use Meteor.js though so I am pretty sure I would use Rocket.Chat.

And Trello is also one of the main tools I use. I’ve started to experiment with using Wekan on Sandstorm. I’ll probably switch to Wekan for my private boards soon. But most of the boards I use are actually public because they are related to open source projects so I would probably deploy Wekan on a server (e.g. Digital Ocean) instead of Sandstorm which is meant for more “personal/private instances of web apps” (as far as I understand).

Seeing the tasks right from the chat in a panel on the right side would be great!


That’s interesting, what kind of interactions do you envision? Something like typing Add @geekgonecrazy to #334 to assign a member to the given card (with auto-complete for both the username and the card id)? Is that already possible with Slack-like hooks (I never used Slack)? Or something else?


Rocket.Chat was already mostly translated to Finnish, so I translated a couple of missing strings. It would be very nice to integrate Wekan and Rocket.Chat :+1:


I starred wekan at the beginning of this year, but never tried to install or fork (which i did both this month).

Back to integration:

I think something like hubot do, but directly to wekan (bot name needs to be customizable in settings page, by each channel/system). @botname <command> <username> <board/card> (example: @wekan adduser @geekgonecrazy
In <command> we can have adduser, addtask, createboard and all other UI commands.


+1 for Rocket.chat integration! That would be awesome! :smile:


The NuitDebout movement use Rocket.Chat + Wekan : http://chat.nuitdebout.fr & tableau.nuitdebout.fr. If we can connect the two, it’ll help us a lot :slight_smile: !


if it included threaded replies, and threads for each board then we’d be very interested in this feature


Has there been any progress on this? I’d be happy to help contribute.


Hello, any updated with rocket.chat and wekan integration?


@akachapati @mistakevin

If you are interested in Rocket.Chat integration, please add info mentioned in 2) of https://github.com/wefork/wekan/wiki/FAQ as new Wefork issue and help to get required information there to make it easier to implement for someone who has time for it.


Hey guys! Great ideas! A sync between Wekan and Rocket.Chat, besides webhooks for alerts/notifications and slash commands for cards management, will be fantastic!

I also can see a Rocket.Chat channel integrated with Wekan board, for example, with card comments powered by Rocket.Chat in two way bind.

I will working on empower this bridge as soon as possible.

Let’s talk about this on https://github.com/RocketChat/Rocket.Chat/issues/672.

To infinity… and beyond! :slight_smile: