Remove swimlane from Board


Maybe i’m missing something, but I was experimenting with Board configurations and I added a few Swimlanes. I decided that I didn’t like the last one but I don’t see anyway to delete/archive/rename it. Am I missing something?


Please use Wekan v0.63 while we fix and improve swimlanes, see



Latest Wekan release has renaming and deleting swimlanes.


Sorry for the delay, I got really busy with other projects and didn’t have time to test the latest again. I grabbed the latest (0.73) and ran it with the suggested docker setup. Swimlanes can be archived, but I don’t see an option to rename them yet.



At left click swimlane name to rename it.


Ahhh…I see it now. Looks like it was just a display issue in my browser. I’ve attached a couple of screenshots to explain.

  1. The hamburger icon displays on top of the Swimlane name.
  2. The clickable area that triggers Renaming a swimlane is highlighted with a red box in the attached images

It seems like the swimlane-header is clickable and only the part that is not obscured by the swimlane-header-menu is reachable. Not sure if this is a display issue on my end or not. That or the swimlane-header-menu is clickable and just not rendering correctly in my browser (Chrome 63.0.3239.132 on Windows).

In any case, the functionality works.



Please add this bug to Wekan GitHub issues and submit pull request to fix it.


This is fixed in newest Wekan.