Problem with the docker image



I installed wekan for docker using the instructions from here:

everything worked fine so far, but now i have a problem.
i can create boards and visit them but i cannot open cards! it’s because the links on the cards are all set to http://localhost/… instead of the server’s IP-adress on which wekan is running.

is this a bug?
i can workaround the problem if i change in the docker-compose.yml file


to the IP of the machine (for example
but this is not a good solution, because I would have to change the docker-compose.yml file everytime the server’s IP changes… :confused:




First of all, you have to change ROOT_URL like this:


and, add the IP address & real domain name of real server in your PC hosts file or DNS.
In case of Windows OS, “c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts” file: