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One of the key argument in favor of Wekan openness is that you can keep your data under control by installing it on your personal server. Even if we will always try to make that as much easy as possible, some people will realistically prefer to host Wekan “in the cloud”. As I don’t want to manage a SASS infrastructure — at least for now, I worked on integrating Wekan with existing server platforms.

To date, you can install Wekan:

In the coming days I plan to contact Scaleway and send a support request Bitnami.

I wonder if there is any other platform on which you would like to see an “official” integration? For instance I know that’s it’s possible to run apps on Synology NAS but since I don’t have one of these machine it’s difficult for me to see if Wekan would work on it.



I don’t currently have my Raspberry Pi (old armv6) and Odroid-U3 (armv7) available, but on my Galaxy Note 3 is app from Play Store “Debian noroot” that does not require rooting, so I could test on phone (armv7). Also I read somewhere that it’s possible to use Qemu to run RasPi disk images.




We currently miss a mobile UI, so I guess you won’t be able to test a lot using a Galaxy Note. Scaleway (that I liked above) rent ARMv7 servers (with 2Go of RAM, one IPv4 address, and 50Go of SSD) for the ridiculous price of €0.006/hour (capped at €2.99 per month), so this is what I plan to use to test ARMv7. Actually I already tried but I had some issues running fibers on nodejs-arm v0.10.40, but I have good hope that the Meteor community will provide a good solution, cf.

Thanks for the platforms suggestions, I’ll investigate them :slight_smile:


After more research I’ve found:

People that are interested in using Wekan on specific platforms should join the forum!


I’ve written up what it took to get Wekan running on my Synology DSM 1513+ running the latest DSM. Any version of DSM after 5.2 has docker - which simplifies things. If someone wants my notes they’re out on pastebin:


Woah Alex, this is cool. I don’t have a Synology on hand to try it but fully support the use case.


You can know deploy Wekan on Scalingo. There are also some discussions about supporting OpenShift.

Our friends at also have a long list of platforms you can deploy their application on. It should be pretty easy to to it for Wekan as well is there is some demand for it.


Hey i’m currently trying to get wekan running on a Raspberry Pi 2 B - and i’m totally new to Linux… If anyone got it up and running i would know its not just useless effort i’m investing.


@everhate yeah unfortunatly installing Wekan (or really any Meteor applicaion) on an ARM machine is a bit hard, I planned to distribute some ARM compatible versions at some point using the universal Meteor fork to build them.


Yes Meteor on ARM is not yet there :confused:

There is a new public instance \o/

Tell me if it works as expected?

You can also say that docker-compose is supported:


And you can buy SaaS plan here:


Hi Pierre,

I was able to run Wekan on a ARM machine (from scaleway) thanks to the help of Tom Freudenberg in and in private.

The only real issue is about packages that have some native dependencies and that you need to rebuild manually. The clean solution would be to distribute a “install and launch” version for ARM devices.



I’ve just added a provisioner for Wekan to ( &

Fodor currently auto provisions DigitalOcean droplets but will support other PAAS’s soon.


I understand this post is already quite old, but I wanted to add the we at also maintain a wekan package for deployment on a server with Cloudron installed:

We try to keep it up-to-date as much as possible, our app package repo can be found here:
There are also some tests we run prior to releasing updates, to ensure basic functionality.

Further, I would be interested in an official square icon to use. I am not 100% sure if the one we have is the official one, given the main project page uses a different one.



Thanks for adding more details!

Please check that I added all those to Wekan Platforms page correctly, and update those if needed. All GitHub users have write access to wiki. Thanks!



I have not looked where logos are in Wekan repo or elsewhere, I have not made them. So I don’t know what logo is where, and what is official currently.


Oh awesome all the links are correct in the wiki. Thanks!