Org mode compatibility


Is it planned to be able to use wekan with org mode ?

it would be nice to be able to move data to and from org-mode, don’t take me wrong but the current wekan ui is let’s say suboptimal to work with from I gathered from the current demo.


I didn’t know org mode. This is the kind of integration that would be fitted for the plugin system.


Org-mode is one of those classic packages that old time hackers swear by. Making old friends and keeping the new is important in software, I think.

I highly recommend looking into org-mode so as to appreciate its significance and consider further supporting it.


org-mode is great for text representation, I feel like Wekan boards can be converted to org-mode for better consumption. I wish this was possible. I am not a dev so all I cna is to dream about this :frowning:


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