Optimizing the wekan Dockerfile


I am in the process of dividing and reordering the single jumbo command currently in the wekan Dockerfile to allow for some caching in the build process.

I am making good progress - 23 of 31 steps caching when i change a file in the app
(available for review in my fork: Dockerfile )

I have some questions:

  1. Why is the Alpine Linux “paxctl fix” needed if the container is “FROM debian:buster-slim” ?

  2. Would it be possible to clean up some of the build dependencies earlier in the process - before the actual app build (eg curl and wget once they are not needed anymore) ?

  • I guess the question here is which build dependencies are needed in which stages of the process?
  1. Why are we tracing “meteor – help;” during build?

Has optimization been considered at all yet?
I am using these resources so far:


Looking forward to your engagement!



Please add new GitHub issue. This forum is closed.


Forum Closed??
but ok i opened one on your request @xet7 (even though it says not to make issues about Docker) :