LDAP Frustrations


Having a really frustrating time with configuring LDAP.

I’ve placed in all of the settings we usually use for LDAP integration in our environment, but it simply never manages to allow login using an existing Active Directory user account.

It’s frustrating that there’s no obvious way to test the LDAP configuration to see if it works or not, or advise where it isn’t working.

I have "ldap-log-enabled’ set to true, but there’s no reference to where this is logged, so I can’t even see a log to advise where things might be falling down.

The documentation is lacking.

I’ve tried with and without authentication; I’ve tried the standard LDAP port (389) and the Global Catalog port (3268).

Can someone provide some tips on how to get it working against Active Directory?


Ubuntu 18.04.1
Snap install


This is old forum. Please add new issue to here, if you still have problems: