Install Wekan with Docker



I played with Wekan and Docker and took the opportunity to write some docs in the wiki. Here it is

I wrote directly in the wiki, please blame me if this not the good way to do :smile:

I would be very interested in your reviews, especially for the Wekan Docker in production



Hi Mathieu,

Thank you for these docs, putting them in the wiki is perfectly fine. I didn’t spend time writing user documentation yet, so all the wiki content is from community contributions. I plan to work on that a bit later, but I like to see these community docs — for instance I haven’t tried OVH VPS, does Wekan work well on it?

I’m not sure if mounting the database volume in the host should be encouraged — I haven’t encounter this pattern in many tutorials. Could you expend a bit more on that?

I should also figure out the canonical way to upgrade a docker container using docker-compose.


Does the virtual host you configured handle websocket proxy?


Hello Maxime,

Yes, it seems OK. I’m copying my data (LibreBoard 0.8 from OVH/RunAbove 1-click-app) to Wekan 0.9 (OVH VPS SSD)

As stated in Docker’s doc containers should be ephemeral, i.e. should be stopped, killed and restarted at any moment, so the technique is to use volumes (as you already know for sure). I looked at the Mongo page on Docker Hub to see where to store data and followed their recommandations.

I don’t have particular experience on this, except I verified it actually works: I used a volume, added some data into Wekan, stopped the containers, restarted them, verified data are stille here, everything went OK (repeated 3 times, you never know :slight_smile: )


Hi @mquandalle

(another post because I’m still limited to 2 links/post as a “new user”, think this will rapidly change :wink: )

Maybe you can find some clues with Docker-Composer Deploying changes

Honestly, I don’t know ! I’ll tell you if I ever encounter issues.


It wasn’t, but I found out how to tell apache to handle it. There’s a proxy_wstunnel module in apache and a special ProxyPassMatch command for the config file. I updated the wiki.



following manual Install Wekan Docker for testing on Mac (saw the manual tested on Ubuntu), however, taking an error:

wekandb_1  | 2017-01-06T20:31:10.706+0000 I STORAGE  [initandlisten] exception in initAndListen: 20 Attempted to create a lock file on a read-only directory: /data/db, terminating

Docker was installed with Kitematic.

Could you please suggest solution?




you can use old working Docker version with these commands:

docker run -d --restart=always --name wekan-db mongo

docker run -d --restart=always --name wekan --link "wekan-db:db" -e "MONGO_URL=mongodb://db" -e "ROOT_URL=http://localhost" -p 8080:80 mquandalle/wekan:0.10.0

For more info, see:

If you want newest Wefork version, install from source:

Also see FAQ:

There is not yet Docker container for newest Wefork, you can follow progress at:


See Wekan readme for newest version of Wekan:

And various Docker Compose scripts for different databases: