Image upload - Broken Image


I’m just using the YML I found here for testing and exploring Wekan. When I try to update my avatar or upload an image it just displays a broken image, and the Download link does nothing. The Delete link works and removes the attachment. I also get the same issue when uploading any attachments to a card. It looks like it works, but if I click on the attachment is displays nothing, and the Download link doesn’t work.

Any idea what I might have done wrong?


Use Wekan v0.63 while we fix swimlanes, see


I was using the example yml from I modified it to use v0.63 and got the same problem, so I decided to try the wekanteam/wekan:v0.63 to see if that was any different but I still have the same problem.


Please try newest Wekan release.


Sorry for the delay, I got busy with other projects. I’ve updated the suggested docker yaml to pull the latest. I started Wekan and verified that version v0.73 was running by checking the admin panel. I get the same issues with uploading images. Are the files stored on the file system and referenced in the database or are they stored in MongoDB directly? Are there and specific limitations on the type and size of image that can be uploaded, or just generally anything a web browser can display?



All data, including text, attachments etc are stored in MongoDB in CollectionFS format



If your avatar is broken, select it again from avatar settings.


I’ve done that, but it still shows broken. This same issue applies to all images, even those attached to cards.



Do you use MongoDB 3.2.x ? Newer versions of MongoDB have problems with image upload etc.

Have you set ROOT_URL correctly? Does card in list open normally?


Yes, I’m using the the example YML from:

It references Mongo 3.2.18. and the ROOT_URL is set to:





Please create new GitHub issue and add your error messages there, because I’m watching GitHub repo and get email notifications about new issues, comments etc immediately. I get notifications from forum with delay or not at all, for example I did not get notification of your debug messages at all.


Okay. I’m going to attempt a “from source” install and see if I experience the same issue.