How to import a board


I want to import a dashboard that I export from an other Wekan server (I use the export function to create the file). Than you.


I have the same issue…using 0.10.1 and i exported a board now i cant import…it takes me to the map uers funtion but no users are listed, then reports the json informationa dn format is incorrect


Same here… I can easily import a board exported as JSON from Trello, but not a board exported from Wekan (running on another machine). Using 0.10.1 (both source and destination boards), installed with, Linux Mint 17.3.

Seems to fail when dealing with the users? Even though I had exactly same users in both installs…

Alternatively, I believe one could manually copy the databases… Any hints on that?



I created wiki page for exporting Mongo data:

Does that help?



I have no access to the machine where the board is, so it not helps :slight_smile:

Issue still here for me with wekan 0.24.


Import Wekan board feature is currently being developed:

Please use GitHub issues for bugs and features.


Newest Wekan has import and export of Wekan boards. Exported board JSON file includes attachments.

Sometime in the future this will also be available in Sandstorm.