How to create a new card from a checklist item?


Is there a way to turn a checklist item on a card into a new card?

That’s a very nice feature to create “depth” in a Backlog by using one board with cards for “Epics” and another board with cards for “Backlog items”. The “Epics” card contains a checklist where each item is turned into a separate card on the Backlog board when we start working on the checklist items.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Rather than push too much complexity onto the package itself I have taken the approach of creating a companion application, but it does require programming skills.

The first step is to log into mongo and convert the activities collection to a “capped” collection. This allows you to write a simple client to monitor that collection with a loop. Every time a new activity document is added your client sees it immediately. Then you have the fun of making any changes you want to any other data in mongo. In a prototype I had a checklist on a card and if all the items were not checked when a user moved it to the next column I put it back. If all checklist items were complete I removed the checklist and added a new one that related to the list it was moved to. In my dev world it takes about a minute to resolve. As my tasks run over days that is responsive enough.

My real goal is to hook this into a broader workflow. When a card hits a list I can run background processes to prepare the job for the next process step. Still playing with it, but I think it will have legs.

Create checlist to card. Then click card hamburger menu, and “Copy Checklist Template to Many Cards”

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