Feature request Swimlanes


I’d like to have swimlanes. My idea is to use wekan to manage the onboarding process. the steps are the same most of the time but they must be performed for every new employee. So my idea is to have colums like ‘1 month before start’, ‘1 week before start’,… and cards in every column. Additionally a swimlane for every employee. So I can easily see what is the status of the todos in the onboarding. I don’t want to create a board for every new employee.


Are you aware of any good implementation of this feature?



No, We have done this by a physical board. I have not found a software solution (except jira and jira ist to heavy weight for me)


I’m looking for an alternative for trello at the moment. Wekan looks (of course) very familiar and promising.
I agree to @chrauscher that swimlanes are a very handy improvement to a kanban board. Have a look at “kanboard” (http://kanboard.net/documentation/swimlanes). They implemented swimlanes very well, except the repeating column header for every lane (IMHO).


Kanbanflow does it like this:


I written a proposal to change our internal data model in https://discuss.wekan.io/t/abtract-lists-into-a-generalized-task-meta-data/121. One of the goal is to allow Swimlanes.


Hi, as a kanboard user this functionality is very helpful for me to organize multiple projects category on a single screen.
Using tags could be a workaround but it is still a stopper to migrate to wekan for me …
Any idea if/when this could potentially be implemented ?
Many thanks!


I’d like to see this feature as well - another substitute is ability to transfer card between different boards, which can act as swimlanes (less elegant though).


Thinking more generically about this, what about the ability to simply group cards on a vertical axis based on a criterion of your choosing? (Member and tag are the only criteria I can think of right now.) That way it’d be generic enough to be used for whatever the user dreams up, including Kanban swimlanes. Tags are generic enough to be useful for this sort of thing. In conjunction with filtering, you could refine your view quite nicely. (This brings up the possibility of a saved view, being a combination of filter and grouping. Not sure if this has been discussed yet.)

I’m not too familiar with Kanban: can a task inhabit more than one swimlane at a time? (Just thinking about the implications of cards with multiple members or tags.)