Delete users for renewing invitations



First things first: I know that you guys are currently working on implementing a user administration into the admin panel.

However, I have sort of a special problem. I have disabled self registration and am trying to get the smtp settings to work so that I can invite other users to Wekan boards. I am not there yet, all I get is error messages. What I am currently struggling most is that I cannot even use email adresses of my collaborators to test the system, since all I get then is Exception in callback of async function: Error: Email must be unique [invitation-generated-fail]. So I can’t even test if the settings are correct, as it seems that Wekan doesn’t allow me to send invitation emails twice.

Any idea what I could to about this?
Please mind that my understanding of running scripts etc. is very limited. Actually, I am very happy that I managed to get Wekan and MongoDB running with Docker on my Synology NAS at all. :blush:



Add feature request as new GitHub issue.


OK, I added an issue here.