Change Wekan Appearance / Functionality

Hello, I am new to Wekan. I have worked with Meteor for quite a long time and understand it decently… I have been successful in installing and setting up Wekan on an Ubuntu Server via Snap, VERY COOL!

My question is this. Shall I want to change some of the things within meteor example (Want the cards to work in a different manner, instead of limiting my card length I would like it to take up more screen real-estate and be longer) or maybe (I want to add a hamburger icon to the starred board list so that I can have as many as I want starred and they all show, like google bookmarks bar works when no more screen real-estate). Maybe I want to combine the Board Bar at top and the Starred Boards Bar Very Top and manipulate the look / feel entirely. How is this accomplished? Is there a version that can be hacked / that can be spun up and worked on directly within Meteor? I would assume in this case you would want to have a dev environment and production environment… Please let me know if this is even possible.

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