Change request : disable multiple checklist per task


Hi there,

I love the checklist feature, it is a great new feature that fits Wekan.

But I think that it is not user friendly.

The reason why is because Wekan suppose that I will need multiple checklists for one task.
This is not a good supposition. There are 99% chances that I will need only one checklist for my task. If I want another checklist, chances are that I need a new task.

So right now, if I want to add a checklist, I have to follow these steps :
1 - open the task
2 - click on 'add a check list"
3 - name that check list (I don’t know… maybe “checklist ?” or the same as the task’s name ?.. Here I waste some time)
4 - create items on that checklist named “checklist”

I think it would be much better if I had only one checklist, so I would have to follow these steps instead :
1 - open the task
2 - create items on the checklist

That would be much easier no ?


I do not agree with this change request. We use multiple checklists quite regularly. We use it as a sub-task - when one card has multiple sub-tasks.

The checklists feature is very user friendly as it is today.


Essentially you’re also asking for a checklist to be added by default so that you can just create items on it right?

Lots of cards don’t even require a checklist at all, correct?


Not really. If there are no items, there is no checklist by default. But that may be a good solution.

Correct, and more don’t even require multiple checklists.


I noticed this thread and imo the checklist is a VERY usefull feature to keep. When working on a ‘task’ (card) owners are able to create a task roadmap for their task which sometimes comes in very handy and sometimes might not be needed really. Multiple checklists might not be needed either however the way it is presented at this moment there’s no need removing the option. I mean, not using a checklist doesn’t make the card less readable or usefull yet having the option to create a small checklist for me is really usefull especially when breaking down bigger projects. In time those card checklists even can become new card tasks. So you do not have to bulk card the board from the start and in time when cards get ‘done’ (archived) new cards can be added based on those checklists. It all depends how you want to use the board I guess.

PS. a default board checklist of which one can create cards can be a quick way of breaking down projects so that would definately be a plus. I would still like to be able to create more than one checklist in that case. And when reasoning a bit more I could just use 1 card for this with the current Wekan version and use that for breaking down bigger tasks using multiple checklists which would mean no need for default board checklist option. What is left is the option of creating new cards based on a checklist including the option of adding them as all new cards in 1 list or move each card to a specific list.