Can cards be recurring?


let’s say you want to make sure you never ever forget again to pay your rent … is there any way to have such a recurring task to appear automatically at a predefined moment (let’s say the 1st of each month?


Yes. Make a script that reads time, and adds new card using REST API


thanks for the hint. I may be able to glue a shell script together of any kind but that’s about all the ‘coding’ I am capable of. Neither would I know how to use the API to connect to wekan unfortunately.

Has anyone done such a thing? And may be able to share the efforts?

EDIT: thinking a bit about it you’d need to …

  1. write a (shell) script that creates a card (I guess that would be a JSON file?), sends that to WeKan (unassumingly using the mentioned REST API) and
  2. run such a script using a cron job at the desired creation time

any hints how this could be achieved? You’d need to know how a JSON (if that’s the right format) for a card looks like and how to send that through the REST API.

looking at this now I guess that’s what the API basically does, so I guess you’d need to understand that AND know how a cards JSON is supposed to look like.

Could you utilize the json of the entire board to achieve such?

Json file of WeKan board lacks json formatting


Please continue discussing using REST API in that REST API GitHub Issue if you still are having problems.