Best option for Wekan self-hosted on MacBook Pro 10.11.5 ElCapitan


Hello, I’m a total nubie to open-source installs and forums in general, but hope to utilize Wekan offline on my personal computer with the simplest/cheapest configuration possible for a MacBook Pro running ElCapitan/10.11.5.

Most of my work is done offline, so I intentionally don’t have constant internet connection, and instead utilize a portable wi-fi hotspot device, connecting when needed while traveling.

I’d like to utilize Wekan self-hosted offline for data control reasons, yet the projects I’m working on necessitate that I create a couple profiles for remote users to access and make changes on occasion, eg: during planning meetings.

From what I’ve read, it looks like all I need to do is download Sandstorm and then Wekan, but I’m wondering if I also need to purchase the “OSX Server” add on to protect my personal computer when it connects to the internet to connect with the remote profile collaborators? Or can I skip having to turn my personal computer into a server entirely if there’s only a couple remote profiles I’d like to collab with for a limited time period?

To recap; considering my intentionally intermittent connect to the internet, intended self-hosted/offline utilization of Wekan with occasional remote access by a small number collaborators, would I be greatly compromising my personal computer’s security or Wekan’s performance if I didn’t add on OSX Server to my computer?

Thank you for helping me figure out the most streamlined configuration to create, and I’m sooooo glad Wekan exists since I really felt uneasy utilizing Trello in the past when clients insisted, because the data is “theirs” vs. ours and on-line…yikes!


Hi, you can run Wekan by installing Meteor locally on your Mac, then git pull the Wekan repo from github, or in a Linux Virtual Machine or in a Docker container


Update…I think I successfully downloaded Node.js, and the files for MongoDB, but although I’ve read the instructions provided on MongoDB’s site re: how to install the files and run MongoDB, I have to admit I don’t understand them completely. I’ll try connecting with their site’s support to learn what I need to do from here to install/run MongoDB, and circle back if my attempt to run Wekan afterwards is unsuccessful.


Hi, Meteor includes nodejs and mongodb
Just install meteor, ‘git pull’ the wekan github repo, cd into that directory, type meteor and then go to http://localhost:3000



I’m circling back because I fiiiinally successfully received these responses in terminal:

[[[[[ ~/myapp ]]]]]

=> Started proxy.
=> Started MongoDB.
=> Started your app.

=> App running at: (the local host link you posted prior)

then I typed…

cd wekan
sudo apt install build-essential nodejs nodejs-legacy npm git curl
sudo npm -g install n
npm install
git clone (wekan url here)
git submodule init
git submodule update
sudo v 0.10.48
sudo npm -g install npm@latest
sudo npm -g install node-gyp
sudo npm -g install fibers
npm install

and received

=> Meteor is available. Update this project with ‘meteor update’.

and although I downloaded the Wekan files from github, and I’ve completed directions to my knowledge, I’m not sure what my next steps are to running/accessing Wekan… any suggestions?



Install Docker for Mac, and use Docker Compose: