About the Documentation category


Hi everyone,

As the Wekan project gets more mature it is time for us to work on a public documentation intended for both users and developers. The documentation will be deployed at http://docs.wekan.io and the served website will be generated by ReadTheDocs (I also tried readme.io but they are not open-source and they limit the feature set for open-source projects, for instance you can’t customize the domain name without paying $60 a month).

The first version of teh documentation will be organized in three parts for three different audiences:

  • Using Wekan, for users. This will cover the Kanban methodology and the Wekan specifics features. Once we have our plugin system, it will also explain how you can install and configure new plugins;
  • Administrating Wekan, for admins. This will cover installation on various platforms, how to update Wekan for new releases, and how to do some configuration at the instance level (prevent new registrations for instance);
  • Contributing to Wekan, for the community. This will be an extended version of our Contributing.md file, that will cover how you can contribute to translations, report a bug, discuss issues, request a feature, report a security issue, or submit a pull request on GitHub. Again, once we have our plugin system, we will have a section about writing a plugin for Wekan.

The wiki will be closed and its content will be used to bootstrap the section 2 on Administration. Of course contributing to the documentation will still be encouraged but you’ll have to go through a change review instead of just editing a wiki, which is more reasonable process as more and more users are discovering our project and reading our docs.

You can use this category on the forum to discuss anything related to the documentation like new articles requests or question related the documentation structure.