A step-by-step installation guide



I made a guide on how to install Wekan on a host with possibly other NodeJS applications. The Wekan app is run by a dedicated wekan user (and not root)thanks to a service and is served by a Nginx reverse proxy that forces the HTTPS connection.
I may do a scripted version of this later (I know someone already did a script but we do some things differently) and an update script too. It may not follow all the best practices but I think it follows enough ^^

I did not detail part where you may want to use a Let’s Encrypt certificate because I want to do this on a separate guide.

Hope it helps !


Thanks its a great guide. I also wanted to share an easy step by step command line guide which I used to install v018. Yo can find it here



Your install instuctions have link to MongoDB version 3.4.x, if you use that then uploading attachments crashes Wekan. Wekan only supports MongoDB 3.2.x.

Official install instuctions from source are at:

If you have time to update your instructions, please copy your instructions to Wekan wiki so others are also able to edit and fix it when needed.



Thanks, I didn’t notice that… I’ve changed them and I’ll be copying to the Wiki.